Meeting Minutes

Snowmobile Club Meeting

March 9, 2021


Meeting called to order by BJ Schrage at 7:00pm with 11 attending.

Secretary Report – read with one correction and then accepted.

Old Business – Bean Pot is still on for this Saturday March 13th  at Webber Lake starting at 12 noon.  It is accessible by car.

Taxes and the 1099’s are done.

Groomers still have some parts to come in.  Both groomers are back at Jim’s since it seems that there will not be any call to groom the trails since the warm weather has melted most of the snow on the trails.

 The fuel at Springbrook has been measured and logged with Jason.  Jim Y will be going to measure and log the tank at Richie’s. 

Raffle tickets are to be sold until June 8th at 7pm and the drawing will be at 7:30pm at the club house.  You need not to be present to win.

New Business – Jim Y was contacted by a representative from the tribe as to the issue of the trail to the Casino.  It will be up to the tribe to go forward with that trail.

Next meeting will be April 13th.  Meeting adjourned at 7:44pm motioned by Mike and second by BJ.