Meeting Minutes


March 12, 2019


Meeting called to order at 7:06pm with Dave Jakubiak and 15 attending.

The Secretary report was read from the last meeting with no corrections or additions.

Last breakfast 3/10/19 had 102 served.  Enough food left to have one more.  Will check to see if can get enough people to cook.

Old Business - Groomer for the south trail up and running.  North groomer is being worked on and should be ready by tomorrow. It was agreed to keep one air filter on the shelf as all the others filters can be bought locally but the air filter needs to be ordered.  Groomers can be used to maintain trails but after April 1, 2019 cannot do any grooming since DNR has that date set to close trails.

Brenda will make arrangements to have port-a-potties picked up after April 1.

Groomer logs need to be sent in to DNR.

No quotes on the remodel of the bathrooms as yet.  Need to put out more feelers.  Sue will call a couple of people.

New Business - a new order for additional sweatshirts and T-shirts and etc. has been received but have not gotten bill as yet.

It needs to be checked if Johnson Oil has filled gas tanks.

There was 25 riders for the ride on 3/10/19.  The ride for next year is set for February 29, 2020.  Also, a Bean Pot at Webber Lake is planned for February 22, 2020.  As for the ride on the 29th it was discussed to charge $10.00 per sled and to supply T-shirts specially made for the ride.

Meeting adjourned 8:02pm with motion from Tom K and second by Dave M.  Next meeting 3/26/19.