Grooming Operations


The Petoskey Snowmobile Trail System is groomed through the support provided through our affiliation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Grant Sponsor program. This program provides an annual allotment of funds for basic trail brushing and signing, as well as a certain amount per mile groomed to offset the costs of maintenance and fuel. The program provides a grooming equipment at no cost to the club. The club, however, is responsible for all maintenance and repairs to the groomers. In that groomers suitable for our trail system easily exceed $150,000, the equipment costs are very high. The DNR gets its funding directly from the Michigan Snowmobile Trail Permit Program. Our groomer operators and trail maintenance personnel receive no compensation for their huge efforts.


The trail us usually groomed after 6 PM. This is done to ensure that the majority of trail traffic is off the trail. It is very important that trail traffic be low following a groom to allow the snow base to firm up before being traveled. However, during high-traffic periods, you may see the groomer out during the day keeping the trails a smooth as possible. BE CAREFUL! Snowmobilers have collided with groomers in the past and it's not hard to figure out who wins that battle.

This is a big volunteer effort and every club could use some help.



The trail grooming operations start in the fall with the clearing of brush and overhanging branches from the trails. We also make sure that all trail signs are are up to code, as specified by the DNR. Brushing and signing operations can easily exceed 200 man hours each year. Please contact your local club or any club where you ride and volunteer some of your time. It will make the trails better for everyone.