Welcome to the Petoskey Snowmobile Club

We do NOT rent snowmobiles, sorry

Please people be careful out there, Groomers have the right of way and run day or night.

LATEST INFO (as of 10/15/2020):

48 DAYS!

You might be asking "what is in 48 days?" Answer: Opening day of snowmobile season, December 1st.

In those 48 days, we still have left to do: Fluid changes on the groomers, track inspections, any noticeable repairs, brushing of trails, signing of trails/sign replacement, trail inspection, repair any faulty inspection issues, recruit more people than the core 10, recruit more groomer operators—we don’t get paid unless we groom you your flat trails,  and a membership drive—we need members on the books so we can prove we are a club.

Being the only self funded sport in the state of Michigan, here’s what we need from all of you: Register your sleds buy trail permits, and get involved with a club (or two even if you have seasonal homes.) Without this money in the money flow, we cannot afford equipment to keep your trails flat. Without this money, we cannot keep the trees limbed back to keep the trails safe for you to ride. Without this money, the state doesn’t have the resources to take care of it for you either—or at least as inexpensive as we do as volunteers.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you! Take away 16 days there for firearms deer season. We can’t risk your safety or ours for this trail work. 48 now becomes 32. Crap! Where did the time go? In the blink of an eye it will be here, snow.

Here’s what we need: We need to rally. We need to get these trails brushed for inspection. We need your help! While it’s nice and you’re out driving around, pick a section of trail, trim limbs back, blackberry bushes down away from the trails, drag brush back in the woods, cut up trees that you are comfortable with. Got a leaner that you can’t cut? Let us know and we’ll get it taken care of. We need trails to be 15 feet or wider where allowable, and at least that tall so the groomer doesn’t hit the sagging limbs. If you took some time, please message us or let us know what section you did and time involved. We get paid maintenance to get ready for the season. Thanks in advance for any and all help, and we’ll let you know when to start the Snow Dance!!

Check out our Upcoming Club Activities for info and dates.

Petoskey Snowmobile Club is on Facebook, check us out!


General Club Meeting:
                 Tuesday January 12, 2021
                 7:00pm at the clubhouse.

For more information or reserve the club house call Jim or Teresa at 231-347-7279

Club meetings are the second and forth Tuesday of each month. 7pm at the Clubhouse.  Don't know where our clubhouse is?
We are actually on the south side of Evergreen Trail at the intersection of Cedar Valley Rd.

Did you know...
The cost to groom 1 (one) mile of trail is $5.13? If you divide that $5.13 into the $48 trail permit cost, you will see that after you have ridden just a few short miles the $48 spent on the permit has been used up. This is the cheapest part of your snowmobiling budget yet goes a long ways to support the Michigan Grant Sponsors that help groom YOUR trails.

Trail permits are $48.00 for the 2021 season.

Snowmobiling Updates

Many of our trails cross or go through private land. We want to keep these trails open! Please be respectful of property owners and STAY ON THE TRAIL. These trails are a privilege and not a right. Obey all traffic laws and be careful crossing roads.

Remember to move out of the way of the groomers, you can maneuver much easier than they can. Join a club and participate in some of the events they sponsor throughout the year. As more people participate, the job of keeping our trails in great condition becomes easier for everyone. All groomer operators in our club and most are strictly volunteers. We receive no pay for our time. We do it for the love of the sport and to provide our area with nice smooth trails. We ride and groom our trails. Your thumbs up and support of a club goes a long way.

Our Mission

The mission of the Petoskey Snowmobile Club is to promote the sport of snowmobiling! Through the use of our membership, grooming operations and affiliation with the Michigan DNR and Michigan Snowmobiling Association, we strive to promote all aspects of the sport. We encourage all snowmobilers to ride in a friendly and safe manner.

Clubhouse Rentals

The Petoskey Snowmobile Clubhouse is available to rent! See the Rentals page for more information.

Club Profile

The Petoskey Snowmobile Club is a participant in the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Grant Sponsor Program and is a member of the Michigan Snowmobile Association. We currently operate two trail groomers and maintain 78 miles of trail.

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